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Does it cost to register?

No, registering through is free of charge.

How many vehicles can I register?

You can register up to three vehicles under 3.5 tons and an unlimited number of vehicles that weigh 3.5 tons and over.  

Who is responsible for the information registered through

Whoever registers through is responsible for providing accurate information.

Do I have to register before every trip?

It does not matter if you travel often or rarely through the Vaðlaheiði tunnel, for travellers it offers the greatest convenience to register their vehicle and credit card information by setting up an account. A vehicle is only registered once through, after that the toll is charged automatically to the credit card provided, each time you travel through the tunnel. Registering through is free of charge.


What happens if a vehicle changes owners?

If the ownership of a vehicle changes and/or other such changes occur, a registered user must deregister that vehicle through his account on It is very simple to register another vehicle, the only information you have to provide is the licence plate number. These changes won’t affect pre-paid trips, as they are tied to the account of the user and not to individual vehicles.


What happend if you drive a vehicle through the tunnel that you do not own yourself?

If a vehicle is registered through the toll will always be charged in accordance with its current registration within the system.  

If a vehicle is not registered through the driver can pay for a single trip within three hours of driving through the tunnel. If no payment arrangement has been made within that time, the toll charge will be billed to the registered owner of the vehicle with an added collection fee


Why does the system say my vehicle is already registered?

The vehicle is already registered to a user in the system.

Please contact the helpdesk for further information.


If I have a private license plate number should I register my vehicle with that or the original plate number?

Always register the number that appears on your vehicle, be it the original or a private one.

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