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What happens if I drive through the tunnel without paying the toll?

You can pay the toll up 24 hours until/but no later than 24 hours after driving through the tunnel. If the toll is not paid within that time the toll will be billed to the registered owner of the vehicle with an added collection fee (550 isk.). To prevent the toll being collected with the collection fee, it is simplest to register the vehicle through The registration is free of charge. Then the toll will be automatically charged to your credit card whenever you drive through the tunnel and there is no extra collection charge.

What happens if I run out of pre-paid trips?

If you run out of discounted pre-paid trips, each trip will be charged to the credit card registered to your account at the normal rate. Registered users can go to settings and ask to be notified when pre-paid trips are running low.

Is it possible to pay for vehicles you do not own?

You do not have to be the owner of a vehicle to register it through Registered users can decide which vehicles they want to register and can easily add more vehicles or remove them as they see fit.


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